How do I fix the issue of locked Facebook account through Facebook support?

How do I fix the issue of locked Facebook account through Facebook support?

Today, Facebook has become the most trusted, popular, and secure social media platform that connects you to billions of people. The good thing is that it provides you multiple features to users along with FB marketplace and real time chatting. As there are numerous people on FB, it’s FB’s responsibility to keep the user’s data safe and secure. But, there are times when users face some glitches or login issues. If the users try to access too many times then the FB account gets locked for safety reasons. When users are not able to fix this by themselves.

How can I chat with Facebook support.

The technical support of FB helps the users in rectifying the troubles immediately. You can either chat with the techies to call on the Facebook support number to get rid of the issues.

Unlocking of Facebook account

If the FB account gets locked, you cannot sign in and make use of the account for anything. This sort of technical problem can be caused due to many reasons. These include

  • Spam links on your Facebook account posted on the wall by anyone
  • If someone tried to hack your FB account
  • Commenting on spam or unknown’s profile
  • Try to access to many times with wrong login details

You need to call the experts of FB by dialing the support number for tackling this issue. Temporary account locking can happen to anyone. But, the good thing is that you can try these steps to get rid of the account locking issue:

  • First of all, open
  • Log into your FB account by entering the login details
  • On the security page, you just need to tap on “Get help from friends”.
  • After this, select a few friends from the friend list that you want to keep close.
  • Click on “continue”
  • After completing this, a security code will be sent to all the friends who you have selected from Facebook.
  • Now, you must contact your friends and ask them about the code.
  • After receiving all the codes, it would be easy to unlock your account with ease.

If unlocking is a critical case, you must seek the assistance of the FB technical experts. For this, you need to available customer support service and get quick solutions. How can I chat with Facebook support? By dialing the FB support number, your entire technical woe will be removed promptly.

Is there a Facebook chat?

Yes, there’s a FB chat option through which users can do text messaging and video chat in real time. Through FB chat, you can also send videos and photos to others who are available on FB messenger.

What is Facebook live chat called?

Facebook live chat is also known as FB messenger that lets you chat and do video calls with your FB friends. You can connect with active friends anytime through messenger. In case of any technical glitch, you should consider speaking to the technical consultants.