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Hotmail is more companionable and trustworthy with every operating and device as compared to other email platforms. Since 1996, it has enhanced its features and technology to give the user a comfortable zone to use it. Now, its name has been changed to Outlook. In its initial days, various users created email id in Hotmail. To launch the MSN Hotmail, Microsoft invested $400 in the year 1997.  Moreover, again rebranded this and named Windows live. Hotmail was flourished by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. Furthermore, it has always fulfilled all the desires of its user by advanced characteristics. For any issue and quality service, users can connect with Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number. The help will be provided by trained and experienced specialists. 

How To Reset Hotmail Account?

It is always suggested to the users to keep resetting and changing the password. As in this technology time, nothing is perfect and the same with the Hotmail. If you are not aware of the steps you can dial Hotmail Phone Number. You will get voice assistance from knowledgeable and experienced experts. They are always ready to troubleshoot the problem on time with latest technology. Follow the steps to reset account if you:

  • Firstly, make sure you are logged into your account and select the reason to change the password and then tap next option
  • Then write email address and then fill captcha as provided on the screen
  • After that, tap next option
  • If you have set any security features for your account, then you require entering code which you have got on the alternate phone number or e-mail address which you have provided at the time of registration.
  • After writing the code you need to create a new password. 

How To Create A Unique And Strong Password?

A strong password of account is always harmless the account from hacking. The information provided at the time of registration always saves the information securely at the Hotmail server. If you want to create a unique and strong password contact Hotmail Help. The experts will help you step by step to make password strong. However, remember the following points to make a password strong and unique:

  • It is always suggested to make a new password with a composite of special characters, numbers, and alphabets.
  • Always make a lengthy and memorable password.
  • Moreover, do not keep the same password for the account as it is can easily be cracked and get hacked.
  • Always update and change the password on a regular basis.
  • Do not create a password that can be easily guessed such as name, favorite number or birth date.

How To Fix Hotmail Login Issue?

You have to send some urgent email and you are not able to get the login to your account, it might be an annoying or frustrating issue. There can be enormous reasons for creating this issue. To fix the issue dial Hotmail Customer Service Number. They are always there to help you as the technicians work 24/7. However, go through following points to fix the Hotmail login issue

  • First, check the internet connection as a poor connection can also cause the issue. If the internet is working properly.
  • Now, check the credentials which you are mentioning should be correct. And do not copy-paste the details. Enter them manually.
  • Open the different browser and try to log in there.
  • If you are trying to login to the mobile app and facing the issue then uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • If the issue still persists, restart your device and then check the functionality

Whom To Contact If Hotmail Account Not Respond?

Hotmail always delivers quality services and enhanced features that help to perform daily work for precious users. Sometimes due to various reasons Hotmail account does not respond, dial Hotmail Number to know the reason and resolve the issue. The expert will provide accurate steps to resolve the issue. Moreover, they will hang with you until you do not get a satisfactory answer. You need to check connection of the internet is working perfectly and then try to open an account once again. If you still confront the same problem, you can contact Hotmail Support. The technician will help you by the pictorial presentation and will guide you step by step. However, check and try the following points to resolve the issue:

  • Clear browser history, cookies, and cache
  • Close all running programs and close all apps if you are on a mobile
  • Disable all extensions and add-ons.
  • Check the account in different browser

How Can I Contact Hotmail Customer Service?

Hotmail always ready to make the customer happy, its main aim is to solve all the queries of users. So that, the user can uses the features and services of Hotmail perfectly and comfortably. There are different modes through which one can contact Hotmail Customer Service. Let’s have a glance at different modes:

Chat Option: Individuals can contact the team through this option. This is one of the best convenient and real-time issues solving interface. In this , experts can take the remote access of your system to resolve the issue. You can contact them in odd hours too as they are always ready to serve you 24/7.

Email Option: The user can send an email to the mentioned e-mail address of the customer service to get the issue resolved. It is always suggested to send a screen shot of the issue and the accurate issue so that the technicians provide the accurate and proper solution. The team works round the clock to support you.

Dial Hotmail Number: The issue can be resolved by dialing Hotmail Number at any time as they work 24/7 to serve the precious customers instantly by providing the perfect solution. The user will get support step by step over the phone and they will hang with you until you are not pleased with the resolution.


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