Paypal Support

Paypal Support

PayPal – Convenient Way To Do Online Payments

PayPal is the perfect way to do the transfer and request of the money instantly and easily. It is recognized as a much protected option of transferring money online. Apart from online payment, it also offers a range of related services including lines of credit, debit cards for payment and for small merchant credit card readers. It uses enhanced technology to make the usages easier and convenient. The PayPal Customer Service Phone Number always stands with its precious users. You can contact them at any moment as they work with commitment round the clock.

Is it necessary To Confirm And Link Credit or Debit Card On PayPal Account?

PayPal allows users to link their credit and debit cards to the account of PayPal. By confirming and linking the cards, the PayPal account gets more secured. When the user connects the cards to the account of this platform he or she charged with a small amount and also gives authorization to PayPal to deduct the money. A unique code gets generated by PayPal which you can view on the card statement. Moreover, it is very secure as only the legal owner can access the statement. That why, this process limits the rick connected with fake identities and stolen cards. Apart from this, by linking cards, it increases protection within community of PayPal. It also confirms your identity and verifies that your own card is associated with this platform. If you find any unsure thing happening with your card’s transaction instantly contact PayPal Customer Service Number.

Process To Get The PayPal Account Verified

PayPal is the most top online payment when it comes to payments for services and goods through the internet.  Once the account verified you can utilize maximum usage of PayPal. It will make your purchases faster and smoother and also increases the limit. Moreover, it will also reduce fees and restrictions. If you require any assistance in completing this process or any guidance dial PayPal Phone Number. Professionals are always ready to assist you on time. However, to verify the account, follow the steps:

  • Open PayPal from moblie app or browse
  • After that login and then tap on the option “summary”
  • Now, you have to move down to the app or website, and then tap “see how much you can send with PayPal”
  • After that press “get verified”

Are There Any Limits For Transferring Amount With PayPal?

The user can transfer up to $60,000 with restriction to $10,000 in one transaction. Please note that depending on the user’s currency, the amount can be different. Once the user has verified his/her account then there is no restriction or limit to transfer the money from the account. To lift the transferring amount limit you can dial PayPal Number to guide you in lifting the limit by linking the account with the credit card or bank account.  Moreover, you can follow the following mentioned steps to lift the transfer limit

  • Firstly make sure you logged in to your account
  • Next, on the top page, tap “my account”
  • After that press “view limits” beside the balance on the overview page
  • Now, tap the “lift limits” option and as per your preference choose the lift and follow the guidelines as provided on the screen to finish the process.

Is It Secure To Use PayPal For Payment?

PayPal is a popular and oldest option for requesting and transferring the money online.  Its features are designed with advance and latest technology to protect your data and information. Apart from this, it is a straight forward and protected way to do any shopping.  Transfer of money is also done safely. It uses industry-standard protection so that one can do invasion to your account. Moreover, always update the software of the mobile on which you are using this application to protect the data. It is always suggested not to use public internet services for any transaction related to PayPal. Furthermore, always use a specific and devoted computer to do any transaction of this application. Do not open any suspicious link sent to your e-mail it might withdraw your account details. At any stage of the transaction if you found any doubtful activity dial PayPal Customer Service Number.

Advantages of Contacting PayPal Technical Support

PayPal enables its customers to do online transactions from anywhere at any time with any devices and operating system. It allows its users to purchase any product of different brands from any portal across the globe. It is one of the best protected digital wallets to do online transactions. While doing any usage of PayPal, contact PayPal Technical Support to seek any type of help. Following are the advantages of contacting PayPal Technical Support are:

  • The issue is resolved by the efficient and qualified experts using the advanced and latest technicians.
  • The team of experts works 24/7 to support the user promptly
  • The user can reach the technical support team by email option or by doing chat or dialing the PayPal Contact Number.
  • There is a large number of experts in the technical team so the users do not require to wait on hold.
  • They always guarantee to protect the user’s account details.
  • They are always with you till the user does not get a pleasing resolution of your query.

Commonly Asked Questions For PayPal

PayPal is an easier and safer way to do online transactions in the world. The information of the user is data encrypted. You can use this application on every device. The PayPal Help is always there to resolve your queries. Contact them at any moment as they work round the clock with loyally to support you. However, there are several questions comes for the PayPal, few of them are the following:

  • How can I use the mobile card reader in other countries apart from the USA?
  • What is process to create account on PayPal?
  • How to contact PayPal Support?
  • What is the process to cancel the payment?
  • How can I split the expenses?


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