Change your Facebook account password with effective techniques

Change your Facebook account password with effective techniques

Numerous people are using Facebook to connect with the world. But the frustration might appear if they face problems in accessing their Facebook account. This is such social media platform that provides its users with several features to meet their requirements. Facebook users have an option to create personal groups and pages for commercial purposes. However, sometimes there is a requirement to manage the Facebook account effectively. Many users are showing their concern because of not having the accessibility to their Facebook account. In that situation, they can approach to know how to change Facebook password. 

Today, social media platform is performing a great role in keeping the people connected. It also offers the security to maintain the privacy of the conversation among users. But sometimes, the use of the wrong password can make them unable to open their Facebook account. They can resolve this kind of problem by putting the question like how to change Facebook password. Users should know the methods that can help them to fix the issue of their Facebook account immediately. The existing obstruction leads to disappointment merely and users become unable to carry their multiple tasks on a usual basis

Tips to change the password of Facebook account:

People should learn the tips to change the password of their Facebook account. There are specific strategies through which Facebook users may quickly try to access their Facebook account by setting a new password. They need to remember that technical flaw with social media account is the most common aspect. But it does not refer to stop the utilization; users should go ahead with relevant solution steps to continue the use of their Facebook account. This is an important part of the technologies. Stepping in the correct direction allows people to manage the problems efficiently.

  • In the first step, users will require tapping on the top right corner of the home page of Facebook to find the setting option.
  • Further, they need to tap on the security and login page to continue with the procedure.
  • Thereafter, they have to click on the option available as edit next to the change password option.
  • Later, they have to tap on the save change option.

Steps to add the recovery email and phone number to Facebook account:

With the busy schedule, people are unable to remember their social media passwords and ID. And the Facebook account password is one of them which can be out of the mind very soon. Missing password and ID might be accountable to create big issues for users. Such a condition leads to inaccessibility to the Facebook account. Therefore, it is crucial to add the recovery email and phone that can help them in the future. Thus, to set the recovery emails and phone numbers, Facebook users may follow the effective tips.

  • In the initial; step, users will need to access their Facebook account and click on the setting option 
  • Next, they have to choose the contact available in the general tab and add a backup email address and existing phone number.
  • Now, they will require choosing the security and login tab lying on the left.
  • Thereafter, they should scroll down to set up extra security.
  • After that, users can initiate to select the specific friends that will assist them to recover their Facebook account.

Tactics to reset the Facebook password:

  • At the beginning of the process, users have to find the account page.
  • Later, they have to enter the email address and mobile number and tap on the option search.
  • At last, they will require following the instructions stated on the screen. 


The problem in opening the Facebook account appears because of the wrong password. Users mostly forget their current password and encounter troubles. Therefore, they can choose to follow the proficient tips to change and reset their Facebook account immediately for a solution.