Why I am getting a Yahoo mail down error?

Why I am getting a Yahoo mail down error?

Yahoo mail has been a famous email service provider since 1994. There is no doubt that in these years yahoo has provided a fantabulous service to the customers. However, users came across various types of issues while sending and receiving an email on yahoo mail. Most of the time, these are common glitches that automatically disappear after a time. But sometimes people face major Yahoo outage issues while sending an email.

  • A yahoo down issue can be a result of technical mistakes in the programming. In this situation, only Yahoo software professionals can fix this issue in a few seconds. But if the problem is at your end then any change in the software will not help you to get rid of the yahoo mail down the error. in common scenarios, when people are unable to use their yahoo account this might be due to the network issue in your device. Additionally, you also need to update the application after a specific time so that it can adapt to the changes.
  • Additionally, people also face login issues with a yahoo account. The main reason behind the log in issue is the wrong password. you need to enter the correct characters while entering the password. The mistake of a single letter in the password will result in compromising your yahoo mail account. Further, if your account has been already locked then you can fix it by resetting the password. You can either contact yahoo customer support or can do it yourself from the yahoo sign-in helper page.
  • Many people use laptops to access their yahoo account because the yahoo application is only supported on mobile devices. If you are one of them then we suggest you update your browser to the latest version. Also, you have to clear the cache files in the device to make the website work smoothly.
  • Apart from this, an activated antivirus or firewall on the device can also lead you to problems. You can disable this software and check whether your website is working fine or not. Additionally, we suggest you uninstall all third-party applications linked to your yahoo account.

How can I fix the yahoo mail down issue on my own?

Yahoo mail down issues is very common these days. Perhaps this issue is emerging because of increasing customers or due to technical problems in the server. To fix a yahoo mail not working issue people have to perform various steps on their device. Here are the steps to clear the cache files stored through the yahoo account. This will simply boost up your website and make your work a little faster on yahoo.

  • First of all, open the settings on your android device.
  • Scroll the menu, locate the “Apps and notification” option on the page, and click on it.
  • Click on the “See all downloaded application” option to see the list of apps installed on your device.
  • Select “Yahoo mail” application.
  • Now tap on the “Storage and cache” option to see the storage consumed by your yahoo mail application.
  • Finally, tap on the “Clear storage” or “Clear cache” option as per your requirement.

You can clear both the storage and cache to vacant the temporary files.

Moreover, if you have saved something important in your account then we suggest you only clean the cache. As sometimes clearing the storage will remove the downloaded and saved files from the device.

After you are done deleting the cache files, you have to log in to your account once again on that device. This time you will observe that the application will get open instantly.